9 April 2024

Because of boards length, nearly 70% of surfers have difficulties to travel with their own equipment. Given this situation, we give an innovating solution: the dismountable surfboard in a backpack. This practical approche offers an unrivalled liberty, pushing back the borders of conventionnal surf.

Easier transport

The major interest of that kind of board is in the easiness of carrying it in transports.

  • By train (HIGH SPEED TRAIN, SNCF) : The SNCF forces restrictions of size for luggage in their trains, with a maximal length of 42 feet. Yet, a traditional surfboard exceeds easily this size, which makes transporting it by train nearly impossible. However, a Newave surfboard, dismantled and folded in its backpack, respectes maximal dimensions authorized, offering the ideal solution for travelling by train.
  • By car : According to a study done by the Agence of Protection of the Environment of United-States, fixing a surfboard on the roof of a car leads to a gaz over-consumption of up to 20%. By choosing a Newave board, surfers can  save gaz and reduce the environnemental impact of their surf trips.
  • By bus : Buses also follow strict rules in terms of luggage dimensions. According to a survey from the Union of Public Transports and Railways, 80% of buses don’t accepte luggage exceeding standard dimensions and so surfboards. Again, a dismountable surfboards, easily transportable in a backpack, allows to solve the problem.
  • By bike : Transporting a traditional surfboard by bike can be dangerous and less practical because of the clutter and imbalance it can cause. Choosing a dismountable surfboard put in a backpack, is a safer solution. We strongly encourage you to opt for the bike to go surfing because it’s the most environmentally-friendly means of transport.

Practical and easy storage

Secondly, a dismountable surfboard also makes for space-saving and more practical storage. Unlike traditional boards, which require a considerable amount of storage space, a dismountable board folds easily into a compact backpack. So surfers can store it discreetly at home without needing a spacious garage.


To summarise, dismountable surfboards folded in a backpack show a significant step forward for surfers. Convenient storage and easy transport, including travel by train, car, bus and even bike, make them an attractive option for modern surf enthusiasts. Thanks to this innovation, surf enthusiasts can now push back the limits of their exploration on the waves, without being hampered by the logistical constraints of traditional boards.

See you soon!

La team Newave

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