The challenge of Board Storage

7 May 2024

Finding suitable storage space for surfboards can be a real challenge, especially for those who live in small spaces or without a garage.

Large boards and longboards are particularly bulky, making storage even more difficult. Here’s a quick summary of the main storage problems faced by surfers. At the end of the article, we present the solution to all these problems.

How to deal with it when you live in a small flat?

The problem: when you own a 9′ longboard (2m70 long), it’s not easy to keep it with you, especially if you live in a small flat.

To reach your front door, you’ll have to complete a three-stage obstacle course! First of all, good luck not getting your board stuck between the swinging doors in the entrance hall! If you get through this ordeal, you’ll be faced with a difficult choice: the cramped stairwell or the lift? In many cases the choice isn’t a choice at all, as most lift shafts are 2m high. So it’s off to the stairwell, and here again it’s a new challenge. You have to find the right angle so that the board doesn’t hit the tail or the nose. And on a spiral staircase this is a very difficult exercise. But if you manage to do it without having to repair your board, and you manage to get through the fire door and the door to your flat, you’ll finally be home! Quite an adventure, isn’t it?

But then, where do you put this board? Under the bed? Do you hang it on the wall? No doubt it’s another challenge. But once you’ve put it away, you’ll think it’s right where it belongs.

What are the alternatives for surfboard storage?

There are a number of options available to save yourself the hassle before and after each surf session:

  • Rent a garage close to home. It’s expensive, but it works!
  • Leave it with a friend who has room for it. Not bad, but what if he doesn’t want to go surfing tomorrow?
  • You could leave it in his car. But you need a big, big car for a longboard. And you have to be sure that no one will want to steal your board.

newave as the solution

To save you the hassle, we’ve got THE solution for you: the Newave board.

A Newave board is practical because it can be dismountled and put away in a rucksack. And that’s bound to make life easier! In your apartment, you can put your board in any cupboard. And then you don’t have to struggle any more, it’s easy to get through doors and you can take the lift.

Suddenly, it’s easier to go surfing. It’s not for nothing that we’ve chosen ‘Newave, New Life’ as our slogan, is it?

You can order just here.

PS: you want to know if you can get good waves with newave boards? Check our YouTube video here!

See you soon!

La team Newave

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