How to travel by Van with a surfboard? Hacks & Tricks of surfers vanlife

7 May 2024

Who hasn’t dreamt of vanlife? Travelling the coast in your van in search of the best spots, waking up to the waves, feeling free, living on surf and fresh water!

However, even though most boards fit inside the passenger compartment, travelling in a van with your surfboards can be a challenge. Let’s find out what difficulties nomadic surfers face and some tips on how to overcome them.

1. Limited storage

One of the most obvious challenges is board storage, as space is limited inside. Mini-Malibu and Longboards, which are particularly long and bulky, can quickly monopolise space, leaving little room for anything else. Finally, salty boards or covers full of sand are often placed directly on the sheets. And leaving them inside is often a real challenge at night when the bed is occupied!

2. risks of breakage

When transporting, the boards must be securely fastened! Otherwise, beware of speed bumps, sharp bends and sudden braking!

3. Boards robbery

If the board is too bulky, the solution is often to leave it outside overnight. It’s effective, but beware of theft!

So what can you do to make board transportation easier?

1_ Optimising Space: You have to be inventive. Many surfers make ingenious use of every available centimetre inside the van by installing surfboard supports on the ceiling or sliding them under the beds or benches.

2_ Buying a bigger van works: Expensive, but it works!

Which solution? a dismountable surfboard!

But the real solution is Newave! We’re offering you a surfboard that can be dismantled into three pieces and easily stowed away in the van.

No more risk of theft! No more leaving your boards out overnight or having them clutter up the passenger compartment!

Life-changing, isn’t it? We didn’t choose ‘Newave, New Life’ as our slogan for nothing.😉

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PS : You want to know if the board is resistant enough? Check our YouTube video here!

See you soon!

La team Newave

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