Sim Wax100% green, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Starting from a personal need and aware of the environmental and health risks, the craftsman wanted to create an original and environmentally friendly local product to meet the needs of surfers who want to combine performance and respect for nature.

An artisanal green waxe, thought and made by a passionate surfer living close to the ocean. It is 100 % french and handmade in les Landes heart, made of beewax, pine resin from Landes and various natural materials.

“Passionate about surfing and green chemistry, I absolutely wanted to make my own wax with the sustainable resources of my territory: moorland pine, beeswax and moorland sand. This artisanal wax is therefore biomimetic, “homemade”, eco-responsible and climate neutral.”


  • It’s excellent hold does not require a basecoat
  • Simwax provides unrivaled grip.
  • It does not darken.
  • Is is durable.
  • It doesn’t melt in the sun
  • It is ecological

It’s a fascinating mix between biological determinism, that of the elements and the freedom of the surfer. Today, and based on there years of research on the product, Sim Wax offers an ecological wax, light in color, which meets the requirements of surfers.

3 grades available : Cold : 10-15°C / Cool : 15-21°C / Warm 18-24°C !

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