Throwback to our best sessions

7 May 2024

At Newave we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of surfing on a daily basis. It’s a subject that’s close to our hearts, and one that we believe is essential to develop a young company. So we’re actively looking for new solutions to reduce the emissions associated with our products.

And to begin with, how can we talk about our surfing memories without mentioning the first time a Newave board touched water.

  • It was at La Salie, just above Biscarosse. Although the waves weren’t exceptional that day, the feeling of joy and excitement was intense. Despite its weight, we were happy to have a first prototype that was strong enough to surf. After that session, we knew that the project had a future.
  • The second session, around Bretignolles sur Mer, remains etched in our memory because of the quality of the waves. A few months after the first prototype, we had our second prototype and we took it out in some nice hollow waves. When we got out of the water, we were amazed by the quality of the waves.
  • The next session, at Seignosse, remains for us the best of all summer 2023, and the whole roadshow. We had arranged to meet a photographer and some very good young surfers we’d met the day before on a walk. Though, only the photographer was there, we decided to get in the water, and no regrets. That day, the Newave boards were entering their first tubes.
  • More than just a session, autumn 2023 left its mark. We enjoyed many quality sessions. We shared some of them with our partners so that surfers of all levels could test the boards and give us as much feedback as possible. We’re very happy with this period, which has proven the performance of Newave boards really evolves.
  • After a winter marked by numerous storms and far too much wind, we enjoyed a magnificent surf session at Bud with Ewen’s cousin. The blue Mini-malibu we had just finished, emerged from numerous tubes under Gurvan’s feet. For us, this session is representative of the significant improvements in terms of performance of our boards.
  • Finally, the most recent session took place in a secret spot close to home. We got up early and enjoyed a magical sunrise session. Ewen and Hadrien were alone at the peak, surfing together on a long wave. A real moment of complicity between our two founders.

See you soon!

La team Newave

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