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4 April 2024

To be fully transparent in our communication, it is essential to listen to derogatory remarks: It will never last! It’s a beach toy but not a surfboard! It’s so heavy!

Those few lines goal is to answer question that kept coming back over the past few months: rigidity, weight and sustainability.  

q1 : do the boards hold up?

Since the beginning, we have experimented a lot. The actual prototypes are 11th and 12th version we have developed!

The first boards were functional: Really pleasant to surf but not resistant enough. We had nice waves but also small breakage problems.

Though, we learned a lot of our first tests. By identifying areas a little fragile, doing tests and simulations on a test bench, we were really able to improve the system version in order to make a board at least as resistant as a classic board!

Indeed, the last trials on the test bench are formal. We broke a classic longboard by pulling 250kg and yet, despite 290kg pulled on our Newave board, it was impossible to break the prototype.

Q2 : how much do the boards weight?

To estimate mass differences, we built a classic board from the same Shape as for our dismountable mini Malibu and weighted both to compare the results.

Classic mini-malibu’s weight : 4.6kg   |  Newave’s mini malibu weight : 6.5kg

Therefore, we estimate that a board Newave weights approximatively 25% more than a classic one. We are currently working on optimizing the manufacturing process to reduce mass. The first results are promising, and the next versions should be a lot lighter. We will keep you posted!

Q3 : Will the board last in time?

Again, we did a lot of testing on this subject. By using an engin on a testing bench, we were able to simulate a big amount of waves and duck dives, in order to study how the board reacts on long term.

We are also in the midst of tests for our new prototypes! They are used nearly everyday😉 

To sum up, we wanted to reassure you about our work and the quality of the products we develop. We won’t deliver any client without the entire insurance of offering a solid product, light and able to be used regularly for many years.

In parallel, we will share futur tests so that you can follow the evolution of our project the best way! 

See you soon!

La team Newave

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