Four boards in a backpack!

26 March 2024

Based on the discussions we’ve had with you since the project began, we’ve decided to develop two boards to start with. A mini-Malibu for beginner and intermediate surfers and a longboard for more experienced surfers. What’s more, as our boards can be dismantled, we knew that it was theoretically possible to ensure that certain pieces could be interchanged. So we worked with shapers to build two board profiles that share their central parts. After a few months of work and testing, we came up with two models that satisfied us.

~ The 7’6 mini-Malibu is the perfect board for the intermediate surfer who wants to progress. It combines the stability you need to find your balance when taking off, the volume you need to improve your glide when paddling and the length you need to learn how to move around the board. Easier to handle than a longboard and more permissive than a shortboard, it will adapt perfectly to waves of all sizes.

~ The 9’0 Longboard is the perfect combination of style and stability. Halfway between a Noserider and a perf longboard, the newave model allows surfers to go towards the nose of their board while retaining a certain amount of manoeuvrability in turns. Its inertia makes it the perfect board for small waves, and the perfect way to perfect your crossed step.

~ Halfway between these two boards are an Egg and a Malibu : two boards just over 8 feet long, suitable for all levels and perfect for fun in intermediate waves. To get these boards, all you have to do is swap the noses or tails of the mini-Malibu and the Longboard. 

In the end, with just two boards purchased, you can build four models of board to suit all conditions and/or surf with friends !

See you soon!

La team Newave

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