12 February 2024

At Newave we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of surfing on a daily basis. It’s a subject that’s close to our hearts and one that we believe is essential to the development of a young company. So we’re actively looking for new solutions to reduce the emissions associated with our products.


The CO2 emissions from a surfboard are mainly due to transportation. The majority of surfers travel to the spot by car, and often the board is fixed to the roof, which further increases emissions. For longer trips, holidays or surf trips, cars and even planes are once again the chosen means of transport. This is partly due to the difficulty of transporting a board, especially a longboard. Some means of transport, such as the high speed train or car pooling, even refuse large pieces of luggage and therefore surfboards.

By developing a dismountable surfboard, Newave is making it easier to transport boards, allowing surfers to choose a more environmentally-friendly alternative. It’s now easier to get to the beach by bus or bike, and to imagine surf trips by train, hitchhiking or even by bike. Finally, while the car remains the only viable means of transport, the board is no longer on the roof, which still helps to reduce emissions.

At Newave, we’re working hard to develop a compact solution that’s ideal for transport, convinced that some surfers are ready to make a commitment to our planet. In short, now that you no longer have any excuses, we count on you to take the train.


In order to further reduce the environmental impact of our surfboards, we decided to integrate eco-design right from the start of our industrialisation. We therefore commissioned a study of the impact of our future production from a team of engineering students at ENSTA Paris. The study includes a full carbon footprint of our company and an analysis of the pollution associated with our production. The aim is to identify the most polluting parts of our production in order to find new, more sustainable solutions. For example, we have decided to use bio-based epoxy resins. We are also working on finding alternatives for the polystyrene and plastic used in the connecting parts.

We have also decided to produce in France, and above all, to keep all our suppliers and sub-contractors in France, if possible, in Vendée. This 100% French production means that we can reduce the emissions linked to transporting various parts of the surfboard, which ultimately account for a large proportion of the emissions linked to the production of the board. 


As a brand, Newave also has a role to play in the collective imagination of surfing and travel, particularly among new surfers. By sharing the ideal on an environmentally-friendly surf trip, Newave is helping to limit surfers emissions. That’s why we have decided to never promote plane surf trips, and to focus our communications on more environmentally-friendly transportation, such as train or bike.

See you soon!

La team Newave

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