Because of boards length, nearly 70% of surfers have difficulties to travel with their own equipment. Given this situation, we give an innovating solution: the dismountable surfboard in a backpack. This practical approche offers an unrivalled liberty, pushing back the borders of conventionnal surf. Easier transport The major interest of that kind of board is […]

FAQS: We answer every tough questions

To be fully transparent in our communication, it is essential to listen to derogatory remarks: It will never last! It’s a beach toy but not a surfboard! It’s so heavy! Those few lines goal is to answer question that kept coming back over the past few months: rigidity, weight and sustainability.   q1 : do […]

Waved x Newave

Throw back to our collaboration with waved Beginning of March, Hugo from Waved came by Newave. Throw back to a great shooting day! 9:30am : Hugo’s arrival in Newave’s office. Firts goal of the day was for Hugo to get to know our facilities. Aftera little tour, we went straight into business: presentation of our […]


To offer quality accessories with our surfboards, Newave has teamed up with several committed French companies! We’ve chosen partners that are in line with our vision: 100% made in France, short distribution channels and respect for the environment. Here’s a look at the first two companies we’ve teamed up with. backsurf : the repairable leash […]

Four boards in a backpack!

Based on the discussions we’ve had with you since the project began, we’ve decided to develop two boards to start with. A mini-Malibu for beginner and intermediate surfers and a longboard for more experienced surfers. What’s more, as our boards can be dismantled, we knew that it was theoretically possible to ensure that certain pieces […]

Newave’s quiz feedback

Last November, we launched a major competition game on social media. In exchange for answering a few questions, all participants took part in a big draw to win a Newave wetsuit. Our goal ? Gather the opinions of many different surfers to help us understand their needs. To ensure that the profiles were as varied […]


At Newave we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of surfing on a daily basis. It’s a subject that’s close to our hearts and one that we believe is essential to the development of a young company. So we’re actively looking for new solutions to reduce the emissions associated with our products. TRANSPORTation The […]

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