Go surfing by car

Let’s face it, most of us are still going surfing by car. Obviously, it’s often the easy option: you get to the spot quickly, change in the car park and leave your clothes dry. However, this mode of transport does have a few drawbacks, so let’s take a quick look at them. space The first […]

How to travel by Van with a surfboard? Hacks & Tricks of surfers vanlife

Who hasn’t dreamt of vanlife? Travelling the coast in your van in search of the best spots, waking up to the waves, feeling free, living on surf and fresh water! However, even though most boards fit inside the passenger compartment, travelling in a van with your surfboards can be a challenge. Let’s find out what […]

Newave’s genesis – train fines

A few years ago, when Ewen and Hadrien were about to enter their 2nd year of preparatory school, a good week’s swell was forecast in the Landes for the last week of the summer holidays. It was going to be a tough year with very few holidays, so if they wanted to make the most […]

Surfing by bike: challenges and tips

For surf lovers, going surfing by bike is ideal! It’s easy, and effective: you can often set off with the wetsuit on straight away… and only take it off once you’re back at home, snug and warm under the shower! Nevertheless, transporting a surfboard by bike presents its share of challenges. Let’s find out what […]

Throwback to our best sessions

At Newave we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of surfing on a daily basis. It’s a subject that’s close to our hearts, and one that we believe is essential to develop a young company. So we’re actively looking for new solutions to reduce the emissions associated with our products. And to begin with, how […]

Wildsuits Partnership

We’ve just signed a new partnership with Wildsuits, a French brand of wetsuits. This partnership, like the previous ones, is part of our desire to promote French and environmentally-friendly products. Indeed, Wildsuits wetsuits are eco-designed and made from recycled tyres, plastic bottles and limestone. which model ? For our website, we selected a 4/3 wetsuit, […]


Because of boards length, nearly 70% of surfers have difficulties to travel with their own equipment. Given this situation, we give an innovating solution: the dismountable surfboard in a backpack. This practical approche offers an unrivalled liberty, pushing back the borders of conventionnal surf. Easier transport The major interest of that kind of board is […]

FAQS: We answer every tough questions

To be fully transparent in our communication, it is essential to listen to derogatory remarks: It will never last! It’s a beach toy but not a surfboard! It’s so heavy! Those few lines goal is to answer question that kept coming back over the past few months: rigidity, weight and sustainability.   q1 : do […]

Waved x Newave

Throw back to our collaboration with waved Beginning of March, Hugo from Waved came by Newave. Throw back to a great shooting day! 9:30am : Hugo’s arrival in Newave’s office. Firts goal of the day was for Hugo to get to know our facilities. Aftera little tour, we went straight into business: presentation of our […]

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